"Working with Diane has made a significant and positive impact on my business and has been an excellent learning experience. Not only did she sharpen and clarify how I communicate, she identified opportunities I had not seen. The impact to my bottom line has returned multiples on the time and resources invested into our coaching relationship. She brings an experienced no-nonsense approach to coaching and has become a valued confidante and friend in my corner. I plan on having Diane on my team on the road ahead."

David J. O’Brien, MBA, AIF®, CFP® - Evolution Advisers, VA

Diane worked with my entire team, and was extremely helpful in helping us prepare for client meetings, communicate with potential clients, and come up with language for difficult situations. I call her the “client whisperer!” She really understands clients' needs and was able to help us approach conversations with effective language and professionalism. With her perspective, clarity and guidance, Diane helped me and my team be the best versions of ourselves as advisors! 

Stacy Francis - Francis Financial, NY

"Life Planning Partners, Inc. is a small ensemble firm experiencing tremendous growth. For us to function well, we need open and positive communication, smooth processes, and clear role clarification. With our fast-paced growth, we were facing challenges in all three of these areas. To address our growing pains, we hired Diane MacPhee, CFP® , PCC to conduct a Strategic Planning Day on site for Life Planning Partners, Inc. As a former practitioner, Diane is well respected because she truly understands the nuances of a financial advisory practice. During the session, she created a team mindset, objectively explored our communication challenges, and clarified how to hear the other viewpoint and arrive at a happy consensus for all. We delved into role clarification and developed strategy around accountability in terms of actual execution. Additionally, we made progress toward better process development and implementation. The day was fun, rewarding, and overall a great success. We look forward to her continued help as we implement the changes that will help our company continue on a successful and fun trajectory."

Carolyn McClanahan - Life Planning Partners, LLC, FL

I partnered with Diane when I transitioned my fee-only firm to align with a larger RIA.   I had been looking for a business coach and heard her on the Kitces Financial Advisor Success Podcast.  I was immediately struck by her combination of kindness and firmness.  It was exactly what I was looking for, and it is what I have experienced when working with Diane.  If I am being too hard on myself, she is kind. When I need a bit of a push, she gives a nudge.  Diane helped me work through transitioning clients including communicating an increased pricing structure and the value of working with the different and larger firm.  She has helped me transition from being a firm owner to the owner of a practice within a firm, learning to maximize my resources and adjusting my processes accordingly.  Not only has the coaching been valuable, I enjoy talking with Diane!    

Michele Clark – Acropolis, MO

"Diane has played a critical part in helping me articulate my long term goals and implement practical tools to achieve them. She demonstrates strong intuition and is not shy in sharing her insights. Her practical experience running her own financial planning firm adds to my confidence in her real world solutions. Diane’s also been a great resource when it comes to her industry contacts and candid assessments of where I can find the best help for my specific needs. Her humorous prodding combined with a tenacious focus on my goals has kept me on track when circumstances pull me other directions. Continuing my relationship with Diane after our initial engagement was an easy decision. As a sole practitioner, I feel like I have the advantages of a high level business partner to help with both strategic and operational issues, without having to give up any control. I couldn’t ask for more."

William R Neubauer, MBA, CFP®, Comprehensive Wealth Management Services LLC, FL

"Several years ago, I started working with Diane to help me with succession planning and my upcoming retirement. It was my first time working with a business coach. Frankly I wish I had started this many years ago instead of always trying to solve problems by myself; it would have been better and many issues would have been resolved faster. "

"Diane’s work with my partners and me has been invaluable. Personally she has helped me deal with the emotional issues of letting go and moving towards retirement. Professionally she has helped our ownership group develop and clarify our strategic plan for transitioning tasks and clients to the new partners. I am always impressed by her ability to move from understanding and addressing the “big picture” to focusing on the details essential to complete our successful transition."

"Diane’s counsel during the past three years has been invaluable. She has helped me honor and be grateful for the wonderful career I have had as a financial advisor. She has also helped point me toward the future and new possibilities for my life. For her professionalism and friendship I am truly grateful."

Peggy S. Cabanis, CA

"After leaving my previous firm, I initially felt overwhelmed by everything I thought necessary to start-up my own firm. With Diane's coaching assistance, I was able to focus on what needed to done. All of this without sacrificing my own personal life as part of the process. After one year I have a thriving business and a well-balanced personal life. Diane was very instrumental in helping me appreciate the accomplishments I did achieve as well as the challenges I overcame in the process. Her style was upbeat and encouraging yet she held my feet to the fire.

Cindi R. Hill, CFP® - Hill Compliance Advisors, CA

"Great Job and fantastic video! I love it. I’m so glad you were able to find a race. This really just solidifies that you were born to be a coach – you’re always inspiring others to set goals and go for them by just being yourself. Incredible."

Sue Chesney, MS, CFP® - Delegated Planning, LLC, CO

"Diane presented to the NAPFA Bergen/Rockland Study Group. As a former fee-only advisor and current business coach, Diane understands the unique challenges that advisors face. Diane provided key takeaways to overcome challenges, leading to self-improvement and better practice management. Her knowledge and energetic presentation skills made the event a rewarding experience for all participants. I recommend Diane MacPhee! "

Bill Houck - MODERA, NJ

"As a small business owner, instead of hiring a lot of staff, you hire Diane. You then gain access to an amalgam of so many people: a business coach, a consultant, a therapist, a personal trainer, a confidante, an editor and more. She’s what you need when you need it. She has walked in your shoes as she is also an experienced CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. She’s high energy, upbeat, smart, resourceful, focused and fun! What more could you want?"

Sheri Ianetta Cupo, CFP® - Sage Broadview  NJ

"Diane is a terrific coach -- she is smart, caring, energetic, and insightful. And, the icing on the cake is Diane's experience as a fee-only financial planner. She quickly understood the issues I was facing and she coached and nudged me to make my practice more efficient and balance my work-personal life better. I am so glad I hired Diane and I highly recommend her."

Jill Gianola, CFP® - Gianola Financial Planning, LLC, OH

"In a short period of time, Diane has helped me accomplish business and personal goals that I never thought I would accomplish. Diane truly understands my business and her advice is exactly what I have been seeking. Diane has had a significant, positive impact on my business and personal life. Thank you Diane!"

David Theis, CFP® - Fee-Only Financial Advisors, Ltd., IL

"I have worked with Diane off and on for over 10 years now.  She has helped me clarify what I want my business to be and to move in that direction.  From changing my service model and fee structure, to growing out of my home office and hiring staff, to developing a business continuity plan, and most recently raising my fees.  I could not have done it all without Diane.  Having been a successful financial planner herself, she truly can be both a coach and a business consultant.  And... she's fun to work with."

Steve Thalheimer - Thalheimer Financial Planning - MD