Runner Spotlight: Diane MacPhee
Running for Vicitms of Hurricane Sandy


I want to spotlight an inspirational runner. Diane MacPhee, a woman I am proud to call my friend, saw first hand the devastation of Hurricane Sandy almost a year ago. While her home was barely touched, she saw friends and neighbors lose everything.

As a 13.1 veteran, Diane decided to use her passion for running to help raise money and awareness about the damage that is still apparent in her community. Undeterred by the government shutdown that cancelled the race for which she raised money, Diane sought out a way to reach her goal of completing 13.1 miles and to give back to her community.

I was asked to help document her story - I hope I did it justice.

~  Eric Rayvid


Diane MacPhee and Bill Houck
NAPFA Study Group Leader in NJ

Diane MacPhee interviewed by Marie Swift