Are you overwhelmed?

Losing your mojo?

Where do the hours in the day go?

Is focus lost because priorities compete with one another?

Stop the crazy – Get the right things done – not the most things done.

Sometimes, you just need the right coach:

  • We will explore what is possible for you.

  • I will always be truthful even if it is difficult to do so.

  • I will be your sounding board, offer you best practices knowledge and hold you accountable.

Together we can:

  • Focus you to be more efficient so you can be more effective.

  • Help you to make deliberate choices in how you spend your time.

  • Inspire you to act in alignment with your intentions.

Watch Diane's Coaching Presentation at Penn State

I help my clients grow revenue, sell their practices, optimize their team, exceed client expectations, script prospect and client meetings, raise fees when necessary and address the absence of a continuity plan. I do these things every day helping my clients craft a vision, articulate action steps, overcome getting stalled, actively listen to their points of pain and bring them to a much better place. 

What will coaching do for you?

Within our coaching relationship, you can vent, brainstorm and bounce ideas off me as your sounding board. You laser in on your most critical goals and I hold you accountable. Best of all, you step into a place where you can determine what is possible for you!