Are your days Extraordinary or are they ordinary?

Diane MacPhee |

Extraordinary versus Ordinary

Would you describe what you do most days as ordinary or extraordinary? If your answer makes you uncomfortable, consider that a good thing. Admittedly, it is a damn difficult feat to be extraordinary every day. Acknowledging this realization led me down a road of understanding that the extraordinary moments are a culmination of  several moments of ordinary events. To enjoy a magnificent outcome in our lives, whether it be business or personal, it will require the patience and acceptance of leading what seems to be a rather ordinary life. To make matters even more challenging, it may be hard to tolerate how long it is taking. 

I believe we all experience more than our fair share of "same old same old" in our lives. Yet we yearn to lead impactful lives. To understand what a meaningful life offers, I propose that we answer - What do we do for whom and why?

Let's take the financial advisory profession for instance. I believe we do a woefully inadequate job of conveying our value to the masses. A great majority of Americans still do not really understand the true depth of the value we can bring to their lives. It begins with you. Step away from the overwhelm and consciously get in touch with why you come to work each day. This applies to everyone in your office as well. Once you trot out that core purpose into the light of day, move on to the next step. Determine what is necessary (ala ordinary) to be done to stay on track for accomplishment of some pretty special goals. Now comes the fun part. Follow it up with determining where and how can you become extraordinary? You are able to reach extraordinary only after you handle the ordinary.

Extraordinary is not always "over the moon". Sometimes it is simply being significantly helpful to someone in a very meaningful manner. This is not only related to work. Indulge in this higher level of thinking for yourself and your life. Follow it up with some practical application. Be mindful of the choices you make to design this journey step by step. Revel in the extraordinary peaks and honor the ordinary along the way,

What exactly is your extraordinary? The possibilities are unlimited. What sings to you? Seek to spice up your life a bit. Everyone starts out ordinary. Adele, Derek Jeter, the Hamilton cast, JK Rowling and dozens of others. They were all ordinary folks at one time, who then became focused, committed and held themselves accountable. Above all else, they consciously knew the difference of extraordinary versus ordinary and how it weighed in on their own choices to live their life.

I wish for you the interesting life; the one where you discover your path to extraordinary.