Are you aware of your impact on others?

Diane MacPhee |


Success is an inside job.

In my consulting work, I write volumes on how to establish a process. I revisit the wisdom of monitoring business metrics. I coach hundreds of hours on systems, staff development, fee schedule, service models, growth of revenue and pursuing profit targets. I have published articles on battling procrastination. I have covered how to get motivated and disciplined in a climate of overwhelm. The list keeps growing. These issues will be challenging for all of us for years to come. 

Your success is directly determined by your vigilance to address the above areas. Therefore, it becomes imperative for me to draw your attention to the two very critical areas that get shoved aside when the pace gets very busy for all. 

These are the internal pieces; self awareness and your impact on others. How well you execute in all aspects of your life is more about how attuned you are to "your inner self". Do you check in often with what you feel inside as things come up? Do you stop and learn from that very moment? Determining what is best in how you respond to a situation or a person is vital to your performance as a leader, co worker, spouse, parent, friend or any vital role in your life. This is what self awareness looks like in action.

Assessing your impact on others is a natural evolution from being self aware. Much attention has been cast on EQ; your emotional intelligence. Many are uncomfortable at the notion of getting in touch with your feelings. If you choose to dismiss your feelings, it will short circuit your ability to relate well with those around you. Being unaware of what is going on inside you and the resulting effect of your impact on others factors into how you present yourself to the world.
It begins with an inside job of knowing yourself and what you are capable of, and then using that information well. Being self aware and keenly evaluating your impact on others feeds directly into your ability to succeed.

Do you come across overly critical and judgmental?
Are you condescending or dismissive?
Do you talk too much?
Do you withdraw and shut down?

On a more promising note:

Do you inspire others? 
Do you deeply listen and care when someone is speaking to you?
Are you the person someone yearns to be with and learn from?

You can make a commitment today. Try to see yourself through the eyes of those around you.
It can be your family, your team at work and/or your circle of friends. Do you even know how others would describe you specifically? Hmmm ... that could be a real lesson in and of itself. 
This information can actually be solicited by you, or at the very least, surmised by you due to your new level of consciousness. Gaining this knowledge can dramatically improve your relationships leading to your definition of success. 

And that is why Success is an inside job.

Be well,